Transplant Surgery

A full head of hair is a symbol of admiration while hair follicles are symbols of fertility or sensuality. Thus, hair loss is a scary symptom of aging. It can be a frustrating physical change and a sign of embarrassment, as most people today focus on being young. Taking medication for hair restoration or wearing wigs is no longer popular thanks to recent advancements in the medical field such as hair transplantation.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is a unique and permanent surgical treatment in which your surgeon implants hair follicles taken from the donor area into the patient’s bald area. This option has become more popular as it is a great way to restore your lost hair. It gives a person fuller hair and makes them look younger and more attractive.

Hair transplant surgery is performed using two methods, namely FUT and FUE. Anyone suffering from baldness, poor scalp, weak donor area, thinning hair, scalp burn or injury can resort to hair transplantation to improve their appearance and his self-confidence.

Hair transplantation is the best way to regain your lost hair and your self-esteem, whatever the reason for your hair loss. Hair loss can be due to several causes such as baldness, injury or hormonal imbalance. However, hair loss can be due to several reasons such as:

– Physical stress resulting from overwork, illness, accident, injury, childbirth or emotional disturbances.

– Increased use of birth control pills by women

– Hormonal imbalances during pregnancy

– Scalp infections such as ringworm or fungal infections.

– A poor diet

– Excessive hair styling and coloring

– smoking

– Heredity

– Medical conditions such as anemia, polycystic ovary syndrome in women

– Eating disorders, or thyroid disease

– Vitamin B deficiency in the body

– Natural aging, people in their 50s or 60s

The main advantages of hair transplantation surgery

Hair transplantation is one of the permanent ways to restore your lost hair. It is the best treatment for people suffering from severe baldness. Here are the few advantages offered by hair transplantation surgery:

1.Natural process: Hair transplantation is an entirely safe and natural process. It does not use any chemicals or drugs that could damage your hair. In this procedure, natural hair from the donor area is used to restore lost hair to the recipient area, making it an all natural process.

2.Elimination of Baldness: Hair Transplant procedure helps you to relax from all types of hair related problems as it provides solutions to all problems such as receding hairline or bald spots on your head. It has proven to be one of the most effective hair treatments as the patient will never experience baldness or hair loss again.

3. Appearance Enhancement: This is one of the most trusted and permanent solutions that can improve the overall appearance of your hair and face. The feeling of having ugly, thin or non-existent hair disappears after the hair transplant procedure. Hair transplantation gives you full hair that gives you confidence and makes you look young.

4.Low Maintenance: Transplanted hair looks natural and performs like natural hair. They don’t need special shampoos or chemicals to have hair density. They are low maintenance as they are the patient’s own hair and they grow normally. This is a one-time procedure that does not require regular visits to the surgeon after the operation. However, most people repeat the process after a year for denser, fuller hair .

5.Cost effective: As it is a permanent solution, it tends to be a bit expensive. However, the cost may vary from person to person depending on certain factors such as the location, the skill and experience of the surgeon, the method chosen, etc. Since this is a one-time procedure, you don’t have to spend money on regular or follow-up visits

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