The message of intimation that one has cancer can prove to be quite a devastating occurrence, and while there are a number of treatments that have made their presence felt in this sector nowadays, cancer chemotherapy continues to be one of the most effective.

Chemo treatment is a medical process that involves the application of a wide variety of drugs and medications to destroy the cancerous cells that are present in our body, but while their effectiveness in that respect is unchallenged, they are known to damage the healthy cells of our body as collateral damage in some instances as well.

As a result of such side effects of chemotherapy, one must follow a set of established protocols and wellness guides to stay healthy. A comprehensive chemo treatment can severely affect our physiological functions and immune systems, and to that end, one must focus on their routines and diets more than anything else during this phase.

In this blog, we will be taking a brief look at 6 of the best methods and ways that one can avail of in 2023 to stay healthy while undergoing chemotherapy to reverse and remedy their cancers. So, let’s get started.

Maintain a healthy and prescribed diet.

Our bodies undergo a lot of stress and exertion during chemotherapies, and thus, it is important that we maintain our nutrition levels effectively to keep them at an optimal level. Since many cells are being damaged during the process, ensure consuming a steady stream of proteins.

Besides that, cancer chemotherapy can weaken our immune systems as well, and to counter that, vitamins and minerals would come in handy. Since we suffer from a loss of taste during such procedures, it is likely that you would be tempted to add additional salt to your food, but as per medical research, an increase in the overall level of sodium wouldn’t do any good.

Lastly, it would probably be a good idea to abstain from smoking or drinking during chemotherapy as that may negatively affect your physical health.

Bolster your mental health and mind.

Cancer treatment procedures are often lengthy and expensive, and we have witnessed a fair number of patients experience mental breakdowns and depression. One’s state of mind can significantly affect their healing and recovery trajectories, and to that end, maintaining such a state of mind is central.

Families and friends can prove to be some best groups when it comes to ensuring mental health and happiness while undergoing chemo treatment. Moreover, there are certain support groups and online channels that can help with this step of the process as well, so that’s something you might want to consider.

Maintain personal hygiene to prevent infections.

WBCs play a major role in defending our bodies against harmful contaminants and microbes, and to that end, ensuring a steady stream of these cells is important. During cancer chemotherapy, these cells get attacked and damaged in the process as well, thereby hampering our body’s capacity to tackle infections and external threats.

It is extremely essential for us to adhere to a proper bathing and hygiene schedule, as that’s one of the best things that would help us maintain our personal hygiene levels. Oral hygiene plays a major role in this respect as well, and thus, maintaining routine brushing schedules can help.

Taking the proper vaccines can help defend against infections as well, but that’s something for your doctor to decide.

Staying hydrated is essential.

Diarrhoea is a common ailment that chemotherapy often brings to the table, and this can severely affect our physical hydration levels significantly. Yes, it is true that cancer might leave a sour or metallic taste in our mouths, something that negatively affects our overall intake of water. You can try incorporating lime or mint to add a certain sense of tang to the water you drink on a regular basis, but the level of salt intake must be closely monitored.

Exercise regularly.

Besides maintaining a healthy diet during chemotherapy, one must maintain a decent level of regular physical activity as well. Yes, it is true that heavy activities like working out aren’t really suitable in this phase, but short walks and brisk jogs can certainly help.

While undergoing cancer chemotherapy, we must ensure good digestive health, and to achieve this, regular short stints of physical activity can come in handy! Since the body is experiencing heightened levels of stress during this phase, we would suggest that you consult with your doctor before starting off with any regular exercise routine.

Keeps weight within check.

According to doctors, there are certain patients who tend to gain quite a bit of weight while undergoing chemo treatment, and this is a phenomenon that cannot be attributed to the diet during chemotherapy in every case. If you are looking to stay healthy during this phase of your medical journey, keeping your average body weight within a specific range can certainly help.

Final take:

Chemotherapy treatment is one of the most effective remedies for cancer that we have access to in this day and age, and while powerful, one must focus on maintaining good physical and mental health while undergoing this procedure. The aforementioned steps should help you get there in an effective manner.

Want to learn more about cancer and chemotherapy? Consult an oncologist today.

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