When you need to fill a prescription, you have no time to waste. You are uncomfortable, you are in pain and you need relief. You don’t want to drive an hour to find a pharmacy. You need an on-call pharmacy nearby, and you need it now.

In this article, we offer you a quick guide to find the best pharmacies closest to you. Are you ready to know more? Let’s go !

Do an online search

Any pharmacy worth its salt is present online. On your smartphone or laptop, Google “pharmacy near me”. You will then see a list of all those that are close to your current location. You can also check sites like KW duty pharmacy, which lists all the information about duty pharmacies in your area.

If the local brand has a Google My Business listing , click on it to find that relevant information. You will also get an exact address, contact information and opening hours!

Ask your family and friends

Chances are, your co-workers, friends, and loved ones all have a local pharmacy they frequent and trust.

However, make sure that the reasons why they like this pharmacy match your needs. For example, your mom might go to a particular pharmacy because she’s close to work, but she’s across town for you. Or maybe your co-worker likes the downtown drug store with the soda store inside, but you don’t feel like having lunch there.

With your shortlist in hand, start calling. Ask questions about the pharmacist’s qualifications, how quickly the team fills prescriptions, and the number of technicians present. Use these answers to narrow down your options.

Ask social media

One of the best resources to come out of Facebook is the “Recommendations” tool. It lets you ask your followers for location-based recommendations. You can even make your search public for an even broader answer.

When creating a new post, click the ellipsis under “What’s on your mind?” “. There you will find an option to “Ask for recommendations”. You will indicate your specific location, as well as what you are looking for.

Once you have selected your locality, type in a message like “What is the best pharmacy in XYZ area?” The number of responses you receive might surprise you! People love to share their ideas and opinions, even on something as simple as a pharmacy!

Take a drive

You may not need a pharmacy emergency yet, but you want to be prepared for when you need it. If so, take a drive around your neighborhood. Make a mental note of all the pharmacies you see and make sure to call for more information when you get home.

Find a nearby pharmacy and stock up

Your duty pharmacy exists to meet your needs. However, you may only notice it when you need it most.

That’s when it makes sense to know where to find the best pharmacy nearby. With this resource in your back pocket, you’re ready to handle any prescription needs. Don’t forget to let your GP know of your choice so they can update your medical records and know where to send your medications in the future!

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