Sesame Naturo

Naturopathy is a natural approach through which you can resolve many disorders that impact your daily life. The primary objective of Sésame Naturo, your naturopath in Lyon 7, is to be able to help you take stock of your state of health in order to find gentle and appropriate methods.

Sesame Naturo: the benefits of a naturopathic consultation

A naturopath in Lyon 7 like Sésame Naturo can allow you to make a complete assessment of what you are and the pace of life you follow.

Naturpath in Lyon 7: how are the consultations carried out?

During 1h30, with Sésame Naturo, reach a very specific objective which is to discover how you function internally as in your daily life in order to find the causes of your imbalance. For this, you will be required to carry out a vitality assessment which is carried out in three stages: a listening and a detailed anamnesis, the realization of a morphological assessment, a study of your current ground with an iridological assessment.

All of these steps will allow your naturopath in Lyon 7 to understand who you really are and what points to work on. Many details of your personality, as well as your private or professional life, will be taken into account to draw up a complete assessment of your vitality. You will then have the opportunity to discover a personalized lifestyle program.

The benefits of naturopathy

Many people want to switch to more traditional, gentler and less invasive methods when it comes to taking care of themselves and their health. This is why, for several years, naturopathy has been gaining ground and seducing. However, it is essential to warn that a naturopath in Lyon 7 like Sésame Naturo will not have the possibility of treating certain very specific profiles: cancers, heart diseases, diseases requiring surgery, etc.

If you decide to trust the benefits of naturopathy, you then decide to set up three phases of cures: detoxification, remineralization, stabilization. These three steps each have their respective benefits, allowing you to eliminate excess toxins, for example, to make up for deficiencies in minerals, vitamins and energy, in order, finally, to maintain your body in a good state of vitality on a lasting basis.

Naturopathy: at work and at home!

Some issues are meant to follow you in your private life, but some should be dealt with in your professional life.

If you would like more information about what the naturopath in Lyon 7 can help you with, here are some examples:


Headaches or stomachaches,

Fertility Problems,

Digestive Problems,

Chronic physical pain,

Hormonal Rebalancing,


However, it is quite possible to call on the skills of Sesame Naturo outside of a health problem . And fortunately ! Indeed, this allows a greater number of people to benefit from the benefits of naturopathic support.

Naturopathy is also a rhythm of life! So, if you want to apply it to yours, if you want to find a vital balance, go see your naturopath in Lyon 7.

Naturopathy for professionals

If you are at the head of a company and you notice that your team lacks vitality, if you want to make sure that all the members are in an optimal state of health to carry out their daily work, do not hesitate to ask the intervention of a naturopath in Lyon 7 like Sesame Naturo.

Adaptation and management of stress, invigorating and relaxing naturopathic massages, repair of the rhythm of sleep… Everything is possible! Moreover, in groups as well as individually, several themes can be approached. Whether you are an employee or an employer, remember to keep a healthy balance in the business. Prevent the risk of burnout, depression or significant fatigue, benefit from a better rate of productivity and keep your teams motivated!

To do a general health check as to bring a touch of well-being to your professional environment, using the skills of a naturopath in Lyon 7 like Sésame Naturo turns out to be a precious idea.

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