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Consumerism has been on a constant rise ever since the world has been enveloped by globalization. Living standards across the globe have gotten better. People are becoming increasingly aware of self-care and the importance of grooming as a result. In the same tradition, skin care and pharmaceutical companies have been gaining ground in the competition in the economy. Face washes, body oils, scented candles, vitamin gummies, etc. are some of the products getting famous. These products are available in drugstores as well as high-end variants.

Face washes have been in use for quite some time now and are famous. On the opposite spectrum are treatments like botox which are still not popular amongst the public. Face masks lie somewhere in between. Neither are they an everyday product nor are they outrightly refuted by the public. Most fashion influencers on youtube promote face masks as a healthy addition to the skincare regime. They indeed are.

1. Why use a face mask?

“A face mask? I am not a model or an actress, why do I use it?” “Oh God, cosmetics harm your skin. Don’t use them.” “What will a face mask even do?” “Hahahaha, boys are rough and tough, they don’t need fashion products.”

These are commonplace questions pertaining not just to face masks, but also to other skin care products. While we are not here to comment on other products and their benefits, face masks are indeed helpful for your skin. Men should also be using them as their skin also needs pampering.

Face masks help in hydrating the skin while pulling out excess dirt from your face. If your skin loves oil, face masks can tackle that problem too. Regular use of the product can help decrease the speed of aging. The glow on the skin is another plus point. Moreover, who doesn’t like pampering themselves? They can work as therapy.

Face masks are indeed diverse. As mentioned above, face masks can be both hydrating and oil-removing. It depends on the ingredients. Hence, you should be wise enough to choose the correct one.

Unlike various other products in the market, the formulation of face masks is not always complicated. Nicely packaged and factory-curated face masks are not the only option. No matter what brands may claim, nothing can be more organic than a self-made face mask.  Hence, in this article, we help you explore options for making the perfect face pack at home.

Different skin types have different problems hence the solution to them also has to be different.

2. Hydration

Most people tend to have dull and dry skin. Summers can be trying for such skin types. Oats and cucumber, both readily available ingredients can be used to make a face pack. Oats can heal dryness with their natural starch while cucumbers are natural toners and give a cooling effect. Yogurt should also be included as it comprises both hydrating and cooling properties. This pack can be made by mixing oats, cucumber juice, and yogurt in the proportion of 3:1:1. Make sure to rinse it with lukewarm water once the mask is dry.

To make sure that your skin does not lose its luster in winter, mix rosewater and honey in equal proportions. Both the ingredients are nourishing and have healing qualities. Make sure to cover your neck too, it is probably the most ignored part of the body.

3. Oily Skin

Excessive sebum production is a nuisance to many. Oily skin can be really difficult to tackle especially during summer as one needs to combat sweat too. While multiple products like blotting sheets, volcanic stone, etc are available in the market to target the issue. Face packs used regularly can help bring down the oiliness in a natural way.

Aloe vera and turmeric are good products to start with. Aloe vera is loaded with natural astringent properties. Besides oil, it also pulls out dirt and sweat from the pores. Both the ingredients are also anti-inflammatory and hence, soothing for the skin. You can scrape off fresh aloe vera from the plant or use a gel. Mix one-fourth amount of the turmeric into the gel and blend well. Put on clean skin, wait for 20 mins and rinse off with warm water.

In winter, aloe vera can be replaced with gram flour for supple and radiant skin. Add little milk to it to get a perfect consistency. Turmeric should be put in a lesser quantity, probably only a pinch. Apply it every three days and enjoy the beautiful results.

4. Acne

Acne is a universal problem. It just needs skin to develop, it does not discriminate based on sex, skin type, skin color, season, etc. Home-made face packs can effectively attack acne and pimples too.

Honey is known to have antibacterial properties. It is also applied on open wounds and cut marks due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Applying it alone can also work wonders for acne-prone skin. Apply a thick layer of honey, leave it for 30 minutes to dry and be absorbed, and follow it with a lukewarm water wash. Egg whites can also be used to treat acne because of their antibacterial and astringent qualities.

Let’s wrap up

By now you must be having plenty of ideas about how to make face masks at home. They fit in the budget, are easy to make, and are very effective. You can switch ingredients as per your convenience, season, and skin type. The recipes mentioned above are diverse to suit your needs. However, please bear in mind that facemasks, whether homemade or store bought, are meant for keeping the skin healthy and not whitening it.

Face masks work on the skin in a way that helps to bring about its natural glow to the surface level. Unlike skin whitening cream that works on the melanin content in the cells, face masks clean up the pores. Skin brightening creams can be harmful to the skin if used too frequently, however, homemade face masks are comparatively less prone to side effects.

The major difference between the two remains brightening and whitening. Skin whitening creams act on the face to change the chemical composition of cells while face masks dig deeper into the skin to bring out a natural glow and radiance.

And given that they can be organically and easily made by simple kitchen products, the delay makes no sense. Apply a mask and flaunt your healthy and happy skin.

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