The pregnant woman can suffer many disorders during her pregnancy and this is particularly due to the development of the child in her womb. The more the latter grows, the more the natural return of the lymph in the woman can be obstructed. As a result, this can cause water retention, the formation of edema in the legs, feet, hands or even the face.

In order to best limit these disorders related to prenatal and postnatal tensions of the pregnant woman, it is therefore important to use lymphatic drainage.

Why use lymphatic drainage?

If lymphatic drainage is recommended for pregnant women, it is because it can have many advantages for them. Here is the purpose of lymphatic drainage:

Facilitate childbirth

Avoid the formation of edemas

Prevent the formation of stretch marks

Prevent breast engorgement or mastitis formation

Promote circulation

Reduce eye puffiness

Reduce fatigue

Increase energy levels in the body

Accelerate the healing process


Thus by resorting to lymphatic drainage, it will be more relieving for the pregnant woman to live her pregnancy far from toxins. Lymphatic drainage further stimulates oxygen while improving the flow of nutrients to mother and child. Also, you could benefit from better immunity and a good cleaning of your blood. Thus, it is both recommended for pregnant women and anyone with or without specific needs.

How is lymphatic massage for pregnant women performed?

In order to reduce and ward off prenatal tension in pregnant women, it is essential to perform lymphatic drainage through manual massage. This technique aims to gently massage certain parts of the pregnant woman’s body, namely the back, face, legs and ankles. This promotes the detoxification of the body and the natural elimination of toxins.

To also reduce postnatal tension in pregnant women, the gentle manipulation of lymphatic drainage is recommended. In the latter case, it is possible to treat the whole body or to massage a particular area.

When to use lymphatic drainage?

In order to strengthen the body and eliminate prenatal tension in pregnant women as well as postnatal tension in pregnant women, you can resort to lymphatic drainage from the third trimester of your pregnancy. It is especially during this stage that water retention can appear and can become uncomfortable. Thus, thanks to lymphatic drainage massage, you could regain some mobility and physical comfort .

Regarding the frequencies of lymphatic massage, it may be advisable to practice it weekly during your last trimester. Of course, it could also depend on how much fluid congestion you have.

Tips to reduce water retention

Aside from lymphatic drainage, you can also follow some practical tips to eliminate prenatal tension in pregnant women and postnatal tension in pregnant women:

Hydrate as often as possible

Elevate your feet frequently to a height higher than your hips

Do not eat processed foods and reduce sugar intake

Eat fruits and vegetables

Get active during pregnancy

Wear looser clothes, not tight clothes

Use suitable support such as support tights

These tips can prevent you from certain problems. Although during pregnancy some edema may be completely normal, it would be wiser to avoid the formation of annoying swelling. Thus, by taking care to respect these tips, you could live pleasantly and comfortably your last trimester of pregnancy

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