Treat allergic rhinitis with bye bye allergy

bye bye allergy

817 ViewsRégis Félix is ​​a practitioner of alternative medicine practicing in Lausanne and practicing various natural methods such as Bye bye allergy thanks to which he eliminates allergies, intolerances and sensitivities. Would you like to find out more about this method and this practitioner? So let’s go ! Treating allergic […]

The principle of Tier Paying at the dentist

169 ViewsTo improve everyone’s access to dental care, the State has developed the “third-party payment” system. In general, patients must pay their consultation fees as well as those that are not reimbursed by health insurance and complementary health insurance. With third-party payment, no fees are advanced in certain cases. We […]

Why consume CBD?

consume CBD

615 ViewsCBD or cannabidiol is a molecule like THC (tetrahy drocannabinol), present in the leaves of cannabis. The latter which is known to be harmful to health and well-being. However, taking CBD, which is one of the components of this plant, is of interest to many people today. But why […]