bye bye allergy

Régis Félix is ​​a practitioner of alternative medicine practicing in Lausanne and practicing various natural methods such as Bye bye allergy thanks to which he eliminates allergies, intolerances and sensitivities. Would you like to find out more about this method and this practitioner? So let’s go !

Treating allergic rhinitis thanks to Régis Félix

Régis Félix is ​​a practitioner of gentle methods that can cure many ailments. Initially trained in classic massages and plantar reflexology, he then turned to complementary training in therapeutic massages and sports massages. But that’s not all ! Wishing to always contribute more to everyone’s well-being, reboutage has become obvious for him in order to offer gentle actions on your bone or joint lesions. Thanks to this still little known method, Régis Félix manages to relieve you of a multitude of anchored body pains.

With all this set of possibilities, it is now possible, by his side, to alleviate various more or less significant pains that have arisen following accidents, bad postures, traumas, daily stress, etc.

All its skills and know-how acquired over many years are then put at the service of your health, in a natural way.

Bye bye allergy: what is it?

This method practiced by Régis Félix is ​​completely natural. It acts on the elimination of allergies, on intolerances as well as on sensitivities. A large number of problems can be relieved and treated:

Hay fever,



Food intolerance,

Pet Hair Allergy,

Stomach or head pain,

Digestive or hormonal disorders,

Depression, addiction, hyperactivity,


If you think that this method may suit you and have a beneficial impact on your health, if you want to discover all its facets, it is quite possible to contact your practitioner in Lausanne. The ”  Bye Bye Allergy  ” method solves many ailments and is intended for all people who may suffer from complex pathologies that are increasingly widespread in our surroundings.

How does the Bye Bye Allergy method work?

To understand how the Bye Bye Allergy method works, it is essential to understand where an allergy comes from and how it can be caused. Negative response of the body to any substance, an allergy can manifest itself in different forms: physical, psychological or physiological. If a majority of people do not need to resort to the Bye Bye Allergy method, a minority is however the target of many offensive substances for their organism , then causing an internal dysfunction by creating an inappropriate reaction.

The immune system being attacked and disorganized, treating allergic rhinitis can then become essential. For this, it is then a question of rectifying the energy imbalance created to correct the perception that the brain may have of poorly assimilated substances. When Régis Félix uses the Bye Bye Allergy method, he needs to identify the allergen responsible for your negative immune reactions using a muscle tone test derived from kinesiology. He then works through acupressure on specific points on the body. This manual step is taken from the principles of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

To treat allergic rhinitis, this reputable practitioner in Lausanne invites you to discover all the benefits of the Bye Bye Allergy method. To find out more or to discover all the other treatments performed, go directly to her website

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